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Středa, 4. prosince 2019 (09:40) Pavel Jelínek

Africa Eco Race 2020 se také hlásí.

Nejen novodobý Dakar, ale i  závod Africa Eco Race, je naplánován na  příští měsíc a na začátek nového roku.  V Africe  je připraveno 12 etap, přičemž cíl je tradičně  u Růžového jezera v Senegalu.

V případě Africa Eco Race je start 7. ledna 2020 a to již bude druhý Dakar v plném proudu.

Více zde: https://www.africarace.com




·        Officials confirm excited and challenging new route for Africa Eco Race

·        New partnership announced with Sunreef Yachts with CEO set to take part

MONTE-CARLO (MONACO): Africa Eco Race officials have announced a record-breaking increase in the number of competitors across all disciplines and the final details of a challenging route for the largest cross-country event in Africa.

The event gets underway with a night start in the Principality of Monaco on January 4th and finishes on the shores of Lac Rose in Senegal on January 19th.


Competitors from 34 countries will tackle the gruelling African classic with 81% more motorcycles and 23% more cars, trucks and SSVs set to tackle a route that will feature around 70% of new terrain through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

The opening leg on January 7th takes place between Tanger and Tarda and features a short special stage of 24km in a day’s route of 754km. Day two passes between Tarda and Mahmid and includes a timed section of 330km.

A challenging third day on January 9th heads from Mahmid to Oued Draa and includes a stage of 498km before the Africa Eco Race caravan moves into the deep south of Morocco to Smara with a selective section of 385km on January 10th.

The crossing into Western Sahara takes competitors on to the city of Dakhla on January 11th, via a competitive section of 473km, and action resumes on January 13th after the event’s traditional rest day on the Atlantic coast.


From Dakhla, the route crosses into the vast wilderness of Mauritania, a stage of 177km and a night halt in Chami, a settlement on the highway between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou. The route then heads into the deepest Mauritanian Sahara and a night stop at the commune of Aïdzidîne, situated south-west of Atar. Competitors will tackle a demanding special stage of 478km between the two bivouacs.

Participants then move on to the legendary Saharan outpost of Tidjikja for the first time – a location made famous in the gruelling Dakar rallies of the past – with an eighth stage of 429km lined up for January 15th. The rally will then feature a loop stage of 415km in and out of the Tidjikja bivouac on January 16th before the road book guides competitors on to Idini in the Trarza region of Western Mauritania on January 17th and the longest stage of the event at 500km.

From there, surviving crews will be on the home straight to the north-western Senegalese town of St. Louis, via a short stage of 187km, on January 18th. A run through Senegal brings crews to the legendary Lac Rose and a final timed section of 22km to the finish in Dakar on January 19th.

Sunreef Yachts, the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made luxury catamarans, has also been announced as the main partner for the 2020 Africa Eco Race. Founder and CEO Francis Lapp is a passionate auto and water sports enthusiast and has been involved in several rally and boat competitions in the past. He will take the start of the 2020 Africa Eco Race with well known competitor Jacky Lechleiter in a Mercedes.

Rally officials will be delivering broadcasts each evening from the bivouac on Facebook Live, featuring interviews with participants, in addition to a daily 13-minute video with the highlights of the day’s stage, live tracking and results and regularly updated Facebook and Instagram news.



2020 Africa Eco Race - The route

SS1 – January 7th                               Tangier-Tarda                                    Total: 754km      SS: 24km

SS2 – January 8th                               Tangier-Mahmid                              Total: 333km      SS: 330km

SS3 – January 9th                               Mahmid-Oued Draa                        Total: 516km      SS: 498km

SS4 – January 10th                             Oued Draa-Smara                            Total: 404km      SS: 385km

SS5 – January 11th                             Smara-Dakhla                                    Total: 686km      SS: 473km

Rest day – January 12th                  Dakhla

SS6– January 13th                              Dakhla-Chami                                   Total: 559km      SS: 177km

SS7 – January 14th                             Chami-Aïdzidîne                              Total: 478km      SS: 478km

SS8 – January 15th                             Aïdzidîne-Tidjikja                            Total: 450km      SS: 429km

SS9 – January 16th                             Tidjikja-Tidjikja                                                Total: 469km      SS: 415km

SS10 – January 17th                          Tidjikja-Idini                                      Total: 600km      SS: 500km

SS11 – January 18th                          Idini-St. Louis                                    Total: 473km      SS: 187km

SS12 – January 19th                          St.Louis-Dakar                                   Total: 291km      SS: 22km


Website: https://www.africarace.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Africa-Eco-Race-130566836969577/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AfricaEcoRace

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/africaecorace/ 







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